A true neighborhood Jackson City Walk

Wellness, Retail, Homes, Apartments

Jackson City Walk, a Healthy Community Development, creates a return to neighborhood living. The inclusive 17-acre site is a gateway project that infuses new homes and commerce in Downtown Jackson with a shift to wellness thinking.

At the heart of the neighborhood, the Jackson City Walk Development aptly engages residents, health and fitness enthusiasts, shop owners and visitors. LIFT (Living Fit In Tennessee) Wellness Center, a community anchor and program of West Tennessee Healthcare Center, champions the effort to improve Healthy Living. Planned for opening in Fall of 2012, LIFT follows a medical model for preventative healthcare. A wide variety of services will be offered for including medical referral services for physical and occupational therapy, aquatic therapy along with fitness membership programs.With pedestrian paths re-connecting downtown and mid-town neighborhoods, Jackson City Walk is an active destination and features an integrated mix of commercial, retail and residential development among a friendly park-like setting.

The park setting is flexible in its offerings for outdoor recreation, weekend picnics, a lunchtime getaway, art fairs, craft shows and quiet retreats. The neighborhood design and form artistically lend to functional results that enthusiastically encourage a vital sense of place and well-being . .

The Jackson City Walk Resident

Not defined by an average age, income, background … a Healthy Community development appeals to all ages …a ‘20 something’ just starting out as well as someone wise at 90…Jackson City Walk is inclusive in every way. The Jackson City Walk person is interested in their health, becoming part of a community, living in a friendly, accessible, and walk-able neighborhood where people know one another and differences are celebrated as learning opportunities. They value the benefits of newly constructed homes and apartments with updated features, in a traditional urban neighborhood setting. They want to be close to amenities and convenience of services that provide a better way to live. They want to be close to work, school, play and friends.

Healthy Community developers believe potential residents of Jackson City Walk are employed in many different areas and disciplines, including Healthcare, Federal, State, City/County Government, Education, Banking, Hospitality and Non-profit/Social Community Services. They are entry-level professionals, recent graduates, couples starting a family, and empty-nesters looking to downsize and embrace a new lifestyle.

Homes OF Jackson City Walk

The Homes of Jackson City Walk are part of the inclusive 17-acre Healthy Community development, in Downtown Jackson, Tennessee. The new community is just a short walk to the Farmers’ Market and offers a host of lifestyle advantages for residents with a zest for healthy living. The residential neighborhood features traditional Bungalow, Queen Anne and Charleston style single-family homes, located along Orleans and Union Streets. The architectural lines are clean and timeless, accented with tasteful landscaping. Homes are enhanced by utility upgrades, new sidewalks, street lights, and street trees.